Start selling you own voip products

Distributor's - Resellers

Account management
  • Create Sip Accounts
  • Create call center accounts
  • Create your own resellers  Globally or locally
  • Connect  any Ip Phone  (Linksys-Yealink – Cisco
  • Compatible with  any PC to Phone or Android  Application
Sale VoIP minutes to you customers globally or locally
  • Refill  you customers  from you PC or Mobiles phone
  • Allow customers  Top Up with voucher
  • Control all of your customers from your Pc or Mobile
  • Easy recover lost accounts
  • Customers can easy verify there account from web-portal
Do you want to sale from you shop ?
  • Just request an account we will create and send you the details
Buy at wholesale rate and sale retail
  • Create mass customers
  • Set you own rates
  • Real time Email  Alerts for Recharge – Bill payment-Low balance – New purchase
Sale Virtual Numbers DID
  • Handle incoming DIDs with different options such as
  • Forward DID Internal  ( to any IP Phone Device or PC to  phone or  APP)
  • Forward  to PSTN (Mobile or land line )
  • Direct IP -DID@IP/URL
A Global Owner
  • One account with multiple devices in different countries,
Suitable for call shop owners ,people involved in international calling businesses, Individuals wanting to start their own telecommunication business . And especially for introverts looking to the future
Start your own telecommunications business look into the future and explore beyond the horizon. Telecommunications are not just phone calls but a lot more they are the future. Take a step forward

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