Serving the VOIP industry since 2004

  • Ip interconnection

  • CDRs

  • Email  Alerts for Low balance

  • PayPal Top UP

  • Bank wire

  • Sip Device Option

  • Billing increment per second 1/1

  • USA Billing increment 6/6

  • Rates in USD


We offer the below destinations

  • Eritrea

  • Ethiopia

  • Nigeria

  • Bangladesh 

  • India

  • Tanzania

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Suitable for call shop owners ,prepaid calling card distributor’s, people involved in international calling businesses, Individuals wanting to start their own telecommunication business . And especially for introverts looking to the future
Start your own telecommunications business look into the future and explore beyond the horizon. Telecommunications are not just phone calls but a lot more they are the future. Take a step forward

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