Billig telefonieren nach Griechenland

Important Remember only Admin  can login to the Customers Portal Account and gain full access and management

Create account

You can do that in two ways one way its from the application
  1. Download our Android APP
  2. Once download   TAB –>  Create Account  it will redirect you to signup page follow the steps
  • Alternatively  if you are in PC. You  can create an account from Signup page.
  • watch video how to create an account Via our Android application  or Website
  • Keep in mind you will need a valid email to witch you will receive instructions

Watch video how to register and place you first call with our android application

  • Just dial you desired destination with  00 :  example Australia  0061xxxxx Greece 0030xxxxxxxx USA 001xxxxxx

How to Register Cisco 502 G Ip Phone with SIP Server and place call

Watch  Tutorial

How to Verify calling rates watch video 

  1. From the App TAB menu then TAB Customer Portal Login
  2. From PC Login to Customer Portal
  3. Remember only Admin  can login to the Portal Account and have full access and management

Add Credit with Voucher

  1. Go to our website and  Buy a Voucher watch tutorial

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