Very Important
Keep your username and password in Safe place

How to register and start calling wit our application

  1. Download our APP
  2. Go to menu
  3. TAB  Registration
  4. The welcome  Screen opens Read the instructions and TAP Sip Activation 
  5. Next screen Enter Username and Password TAB Login your ready

If you don’t own any  Username and Password. You can obtain it the follow ways

  1. Subscribe from our customer portal  you will need a valid email to which you will receive detailed instructions.
  2.  From a local Representative together with our brochure

How to Verify calling rates from our application

  1. Go Menu
  2. TAB Call Rates
  3. You will be redirected to our website
  4. Enter you desired destination in  the Search for rate . Example = Germany  or Country code 0049 rates will displayed  for all  Germany
  5. In the same page you can find all latest offers and promotions

How other users can call me for free ?

  1. Just give to other  users your (SIP ID)  2. Remember Free calls can be made only between TSIP subscribers

How to place a call

Just dial you desired destination with  00 :  example Pakistan 0092xxxxx India 0091xxxxxxxx USA 001xxxxxx make a test call to an USA toll free number its the safest way to verify if all wend OK  

How to Add Credit In your Account

  1. The most common  way it’s with a Voucher you can buy from local representative
  2. PayPal


Contact Details

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  • +306981922928
  • 56 Kyriakou Matsi Street 2368 Ayios Dhometios Nicosia Cyprus

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