How to register and start calling wit our application

You can do that in two ways one way its from the application

  1. Download our APP
  2. Once download the app will open
  3. TAB –>  Create Account  it will redirect you to signup page follow the steps
  • Alternatively you can Create an Account from Signup page 
  • Keep in mind you will need a valid email to witch you will receive instructions , we don’t do registration  with SMS

How to Verify calling rates from our application

  1. Go Menu
  2. TAB Call Rates
  3. You will be redirected to our website
  4. Enter you desired destination in  the Search for rate . Example = Germany  or Country code 49 the rates will displayed  for all  Germany

How other users can call me for free ?

  1. Just give to others  your (SIP ID usually its the phone number you have declare during Sign up )  2. Remember Free calls can be made only between TSIP subscribers

How to place a call

Just dial you desired destination with  00 :  example Australia  0061xxxxx Greece 0030xxxxxxxx USA 001xxxxxx make a test call to an USA toll free number its the safest way to verify if all wend OK  

Add Credit with Voucher

  1. Go to our  website Buy Voucher
  2. Alternative  login to your account via our web-portal and top up with a Voucher via PayPal 

Both  works the same way Via Pay Pal watch video tutorial

Ready to go Account + 5 Eur Balance . What his does. And how it works

Basically you do the same thing as a registration Just its faster and it takes just 2 minutes  watch video

  1. Order the ready to go account keep in mind you need a valid Pay pal account and email to receive all details
  2. Upon receiving the email it contains user name + password + 5 Eur Balance to start calling 
  3. Download our App  Go–>  Activation Enter the Username & Password . Tab Login you should  see  the top the left side. You-re on board 
  4. Next time to Add credit you will need only to Buy Voucher 

How to obtain Discount package

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go Services
  3. From Droop down go –> Offer Packages
  4. Packages page will open you will need to have remain balance to Order  the Package. 

  watch video tutorial

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