• Our priority its customer satisfaction this is why we created the below free service. By doing so you will be able to check the call quality and application compatibility with your device
Please  dial this Numbers with 210 xxx xxx  (don’t include country prefix 0030)
Customer Service: Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos 2103530000
ΚΕΠ  2131510932 – 2131510171 – 2131510196
Aegean Airlines Reservations &Information : 2106261000 Lost & Found: 2103530585
Mykonos Air Port  Lost & Found  2289078218
AEROFLOT Russian International Reservations: 2103530611-2-3
Airport: 2103530457, 2103530376-7
Lost & Found: 2103530585
AIR BALTIC Reservations: 2109341500
Lost & Found: 2103530585
AIR CHINA International Corp. Reservations: 2107220630
Airport: 2103534245
Lost & Found: 2103530560, 2103530564
AIR FRANCE Reservations: 2111809474
Lost & Found: 2103530585
AIR SERBIA Reservations: 2103239052 2103239054
Lost & Found: 2103530560 2103530564
Alitalia Reservations 2109988888
Airport: 2103534284
Lost & Found: 2103530585
How to register and start calling
with our Application. Go  Google play Store and download.
  • Once the application is downloaded  –> Go left top  Menu -> Manage account -> Create Account-  fill the necessary fields follow the steeps  ,once you receive email with  your username and password
    Go –> Menu -> Manage account -> Activation – enter username and password tab login
  • If you experience any issues  Watch video  how to create account

* You account balance remains available until you consume it. There is no expiration date *

  • In addition to the above, it gives you the opportunity to call cheap Greece and Cyprus Rate 
    You can add balance with Voucher  Below description.
  • From the Application go to Menu -> Top Up -> Buy Voucher follow the instructions Buy Voucher
  • From Computer go to the client dashboard  Video Tutorial
We  offering only the below destinations
  • Eritrea -Ethiopia -Nigeria-Kenya
  • Greece-Cyprus-USA-Canada–Australia

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